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Filling The Gaps In Your Startup And Passing The Coffee

Within the startup world, we’ve all been there. The tossing and turning at night. Thinking of what was missed, what you haven’t had a chance to complete and what you fear you may never get to. How does the to do list continue to grow without anything crossed off?  Add in the pressure to make KPIs…it’s a recipe for an all nighter. Cue the espresso in the morning. 

Your Dream

Startup life isn’t for the faint of heart but it’s the drive, passion and dream for something bigger, built from a dream, that is at the true heart and keeps us going. As a founder, your startup is your baby. It’s with this mindset – startups helping startups – that we live, breathe and labor our own sleepless nights for our companies. We know the hours spent thinking of the business and all of its aspects top to bottom and top to bottom again. The options to take, decisions to make, possibilities to do, it’s endless. That’s part of the journey— finding the solutions to all of the questions. It doesn’t mean that you have answers for all that thinking. Pass the afternoon coffee. 

Seek Help

At some point, even if it’s hard to do or you don’t have the manpower to do it, it’s time to seek help beyond on your own expertise. As mentioned in our recent management tips, and especially with your own company, the hardest thing to do is let go of your baby and trust those offering help.   For those willing, help comes in various forms and talents that extend the beyond your current capabilities while adding value to your startup. But what would you do if you could have a marketing team that understood GTM, without the hiring and investing in a full C-suite and department?  How can you fill in that gap without losing traction on your other ideas, vision, product, etc.? Marketing is essential and too often — an afterthought. Companies and brands are built on marketing. 

Drill That Message

Only startups with a compelling message that drives immediate value have a chance to make it out of the startup phase into next stage of growth. It’s the only way to break through the clutter and connect directly with customers. And then they must bring that message to market – over and over again through a steady drumbeat of value-added content and storytelling. Insert drumbeat marketing.  It’s important for companies and their talent to create and deliver continuous micro and long form content at a feverish pace. At York IE, we have developed a content factory that we use for our Drumbeat Marketing program. In this program, we believe in the power of the messaging hierarchy and how to produce high level content on a consistent basis that we can deliver through the multiple channels of the marketing funnel. You’re not in this alone. We’re up at night thinking about your business but together, the peace of mind and a good night’s sleep is exactly what’s need to focus on what matters- the business, innovation and what’s next. We have put on a pot of coffee for you.

Sales Team Structure Template

Set your sales org up for success with the templates and frameworks in our free GTM strategy playbook.

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Sales Team Structure Template

Set your sales org up for success with the templates and frameworks in our free GTM strategy playbook.

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