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Fuel Feature: Funding Events and Notifications

Maybe you’re trying to secure funding for your startup, and you know there’s money out there. Or, you’re an investor looking for an opportunity, but it’s hard to keep up with all the noise.

Every time you scroll Twitter or LinkedIn, you see founders announcing fundraising rounds and investors trumpeting their latest investments and acquisitions. And you’re probably asking yourself questions.

Who’s writing those checks? Is this announcement all “sizzle,” or is this startup really going places? Where is my perfect partner?

It can be easy to get discouraged if you’re not informed. Rather than feeling down, what if you could use this funding event information to your advantage?

Funding, investment and acquisition notifications from the York IE Fuel strategic growth platform can help hustling entrepreneurs and investors turn knowledge into power. With Fuel, you can easily track:

  • fundraising announcements from competitors within your market;
  • investments by potential venture capital partners; and
  • company mergers and acquisitions.

You’ll be able to study the companies that are securing funding, or understand who might be willing to invest in your startup. And it’ll all be delivered right to your inbox, automatically.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be better informed about the fundraising going on in your market, or with your competitors? Funding, investment, and acquisition notifications can help you stay in the loop, and plan your next opportunity.

Keep Track of Funding, Investments and Acquisitions

Using Fuel to research funding events is as easy as making a list. Build a watchlist of the companies or investors you want to track. This could be your competitors, comparators or members of your portfolio.

Once built, navigate to the Funding tab on your watchlist’s homepage. Here you’ll find a timeline showcasing all funding and acquisition activities over the past 12 months for companies on your watchlist, as well as a table summarizing each event. At a glance, you’ll see who received funding, when they received it and for how much.

Looking for investment and acquisition announcements? The Investments tab will lead you to that information, with the same details on timeline, value and important players.

For more details on each funding event, click the company’s name to be taken to its profile page in Fuel. Navigate to the Funding section. While there, you can also peruse information on the company’s leadership, technology stack, branding and more. Find out who and what led to the recent success.

Knowledge – Right to Your Inbox

It can be hard to set aside time to browse funding, investment and acquisition information. (We know, we’ve been there too). Fuel has you covered with funding event notifications, sent right to your email inbox.

Be it funding, investment or acquisition news, the notification will tell you what companies are involved, the value of the transaction, and which of your watchlists the major players came from. Clickable links allow you to jump right into Fuel to explore more about the major players in question.

To turn on and receive funding notifications, just click the Notifications button on your watchlist (right next to the little bullhorn) and ensure that the Funding Events box is checked.

Slack Integration

You can also get funding notifications, plus other updates on the companies and markets you follow, directly in Slack.

Follow these simple steps to create your own feed that will curate updates and send them to the Slack channel(s) of your choosing.

Fuel Your Next Opportunity

Market and fundraising intelligence isn’t just a “nice to have.” It can help you stay in the know and set up your next fundraising or investing opportunity. Stay plugged in with Fuel’s funding events notifications, and don’t let an opportunity pass you by.

Not signed up for Fuel yet? Create an account today to explore all of our resources for competitive intelligence and strategic growth.

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