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Fuel Feature: Strength of Voice

No startup succeeds on product alone. You need to communicate the benefits and expertise you offer.

Whether you’re a dedicated content manager, a founder building a content strategy or an investor scouting a portfolio member’s social media presence, understanding messaging is key. Every great brand needs to establish its unique voice and continuously amplify that voice to a willing audience — an approach we call drumbeat marketing.

There’s so much content out there: blogs, ebooks, podcasts, webinars, you name it. Social media posts have a shorter life span than most houseflies. Cutting through this mess of content requires strategic messaging and constant monitoring of what competitors in the market are saying and doing. And the York IE Fuel platform makes it easy.

Within your Fuel watchlists, the Strength of Voice tab gives you an insightful snapshot of the content marketing strategies in your market or portfolio. Track the owned and earned content, social media followings and content posting patterns of the companies you care about. A little competitive and market intelligence can give you a better idea of what your company should be communicating to potential customers — and how you can do it differently.

Choose one of your watchlists, and click the Strength of Voice tab to see all of Fuel’s helpful tools:


York IE Fuel Strength of Voice updates
Find an updated news feed of both earned and owned content from all companies on your watchlist. See what your competitors are posting on their own blogs and which publications are seeking thought leadership content in your market.

Don’t have time to read every piece? Fear not! Fuel pulls the key points from every post so you can skim for the most important bits.

Social Audience

York IE Fuel Strength of Voice social audience
See where your competitors or portfolio companies are garnering followers across their social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Medium and LinkedIn. Carve out a following on a platform you’d been ignoring, or plan to ramp up your posts on a platform your competitor has been dominating.

Strength of Voice Chart

York IE Fuel Strength of Voice chart

Without great content, you won’t capture an audience. But your five-star content isn’t worth anything if no one reads it. The Strength of Voice chart measures each company’s voice (social media accounts, their content and its engagement) against its strength (the size of their audience). Hovering over the darker squares, you can see where companies in your watchlist land compared to one another.

Companies in the top right of this graph have struck a successful rhythm of posting, in addition to engaging with their audience. Emulate their strategies to get similar results.


York IE Fuel Strength of Voice keywords

Need help with search engine optimization? The keyword cloud shows you what topics the companies in your watchlist are focused on. Find a new keyword or topic for your next blog here.


York IE Fuel Strength of Voice history

You know what you should be posting, but when is the best time for new content? The history graph shows what days of the week your watchlist companies are posting. Perhaps you want to go toe-to-toe and post on the same day, or find a lighter day to fully capture your audience’s attention.

Fuel Your Drumbeat Marketing Strategy

Fuel’s Strength of Voice feature helps founders and content managers define their messaging and keep tabs on the market. Investors can more easily scout which companies have built a strong content marketing presence.

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