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Introducing the York IE Summer Internship Class of 2022

York IE is an ambitious, fast-growing company, and that means we have real, important work for our interns to do.

We’re so excited to introduce the college students who make up our 2022 class of summer interns:

Jailen Branch

jailen branchI recently graduated from Bentley University with a bachelor’s degree in business management; however, with an extra year of football eligibility, I’m pursuing my MBA with a focus in leadership at Bentley’s graduate school, the McCallum Graduate School of Business. I’m thrilled to be joining York IE for the summer as a management intern, as I’ve developed an interest in business development and corporate strategy during my four years at Bentley. It energizes me to help a company grow, because you must be creative and have a wide eye in your day-to-day work in your strategic planning.

​​After only a week at York IE, I can already see that there will be plenty of opportunities to learn from all aspects of the company. As the lead intern for this new program, I will gain not only exposure to advisory services, investing and business development, but also project management experience. With so much at my disposal to learn from, this summer will be unlike any other, and I’m excited to have this opportunity and gain the skills and knowledge needed from such a great team to further my journey in the business management field.

I enjoy playing football outside of work. I work out every weekday morning before work for the upcoming season, because I must set the standard of being the captain. Aside from football, I enjoy being active by participating in sports or simply enjoying the summer weather with friends and family. I also enjoy some video games, but only sports or Call of Duty games.

Janessa Gonzalez

janessa gonzalezAs a business student at Bentley University, I am studying marketing with a minor in Spanish for business. I am very excited to join the team at York IE and learn everything the company has to offer. Relating to marketing, I cannot wait to gain exposure to advisory services clients and be able to provide different marketing deliverables.

I cannot wait to gain hands-on experience directly from York IE’s talented leadership team across multiple functions. Through this, I will be able to provide content writing, social media strategies and engagement and growth reporting.

Outside of York IE, I am a member of the women’s basketball team at Bentley. Being a member of a college athletics team allows me to learn how to manage my time well and gain valuable relationships with others. In addition to this I love watching sunsets, being outdoors and spending time with family and friends.

Isaac Martin

isaac martinI am a rising senior at Bentley University. At school I am majoring in marketing with a minor in sociology. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge of marketing strategies with B2B companies and startups as a mentee under hardworking and motivated individuals.

Outside of York IE, I have a very strong interest in sports. Throughout my college years I have had the opportunity of being on the Bentley men’s basketball team. It has been a wonderful experience beyond athletics. As basketball is my passion, from the court I have been able to meet great people within our team and in the whole athletic department. I hope to use as well as grow these friendships and connections for opportunities in the future.

Jusouf Rashad

jusouf rashadI am currently heading into my fourth and final year at Bentley University. I am a finance major and computer information systems minor but am excited to gain valuable experience working with the investment and advisory teams at York IE. I am passionate about SaaS and its prevalence in the startup world.

Through past internship experiences, I have learned that the startup world is centered around researching and constantly learning to better understand the market and its needs. This is what I plan to spend the majority of my summer doing, ensuring the team is as informed as they can be on all prospective investments.

Outside of York IE, I have played on the men’s basketball team at Bentley for the last three years. I also am a gym fanatic and love listening to music in my free time.

Andrew Twite

andrew twiteI am a rising senior at the University of Georgia, pursuing a double major in Finance and Management Information Systems. Alongside my majors, I have also received a certificate for entrepreneurship and have a deep admiration and curiosity for the entrepreneurial spirit. Prior to going to college, I spent almost my entire life living in Bedford, New Hampshire.

Outside of work and school, I am an avid sports fan (Go Dawgs!), a huge history nerd and, sadly, a pretty bad golfer.

I am very excited this summer to be working at York IE alongside the investment team and gaining some hands-on experience working with early-stage SaaS investments. I am really looking forward to working in the fast-paced and collaborative environment and learning from York IE’s highly talented and accredited investment team. In addition, I think it is very rewarding to be a part of a company that not only targets great early-stage investments but also directly contributes to fostering their growth and success.

To learn about future York IE internship opportunities, email us!

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Sales Team Structure Template

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