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My Transformative Internship Experience at York IE

Going into my summer internship at York IE, I was unsure of what was to come and had a few questions. What does an office look like? Are the people nice? How can I help? They were answered immediately; the office was clean, the people were amazing… and I learned to repeat that final question to a lot of people.

Throughout my internship, I was tasked with making lists, writing cold outreach emails, and doing research. All were things I wasn’t entirely sure how to do or particularly good at. However, Adam Coughlin was able to walk me through what I had to do and was constantly available to help me or answer any questions that I had throughout the internship. In addition to Adam, Ashley Oberg, Tom Anderson, Joe Raczka and Tommy Vailas all were there to assist me and made learning office life a lot easier. I was able to receive advice from everyone and soon learned that everything I was so worried about was not such a big deal. I was treated like an equal by everyone in the office despite not being a full-time employee.

Drafting a cold email sequence was the favorite task of my internship, as I was aware that the work I was creating would be reviewed and then actually sent out to other businesses by the marketing team. This notion of generating public content was intriguing and gave me a feeling of excitement to edit and polish them so that the team would be ready to send them. It felt legitimate and awesome to a kid with less-than-ideal work experience that his work would be shared in a professional setting.

This internship influenced my aspirations as I head toward my college application process, as I am now aware that I am interested in marketing, a segment of business I couldn’t even define before starting at York IE.

As it stands, I am going into my junior year of high school and have a solid amount of time ahead of me, but looking back on my academic history and this internship, I can proudly say that this was the most beneficial experience I have had in my life.

In the limited time that I have worked at York IE, I have learned so much about business, and seen real-life applications of it. I am beyond grateful for this experience and would like to thank Kyle York for sitting down with me and giving me this opportunity. This internship has provided me with not just the business lessons, but the office experience that I wanted to get a taste of.

As I head back to school, I will use the lessons that I learned this summer as a tool throughout this coming school year. I will forever be thankful for this internship as it molded my understanding of business and sparked an interest in marketing for me.

If I were to give advice to anyone considering interning at York IE, it would be to apply! This internship is a great opportunity for growth and has a great office environment, filled with amazing people.


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Sales Team Structure Template

Set your sales org up for success with the templates and frameworks in our free GTM strategy playbook.

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