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SaaS Product Portfolio

From Incubation To Impact

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We’re looking to bring a range of offerings from open source to full SaaS products that keep it simple, help you scale, and provide real world impact.

We believe in being builders

At York IE we want to remain operators. So we’re building products for entrepreneurs that can help them solve the early stage problems they face. Yep, we want to build a SaaS business as we help other entrepreneurs do the same! It’s how we’ll remain relevant over the years and actually bring real-world value to our investments.

Joe Raczka

Managing Partner

Tap into our experience

We’re excited to leverage our experiences scaling companies to incubate products that remove hurdles for startup entrepreneurs and investors.

Launch, Scale and Grow

Our product offerings' mission is to make it simple for you to launch more successful companies.

Stay Fresh with Labs

Our Labs offerings keep us up to date in the latest markets and tech.

Open Source Software

Growth isn't a one way street.  We want to contribute back to our community to foster everyone's future.