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York IE Brings RevOps Expertise to Early-Stage Startups

(Manchester, N.H., Sept. 13) — York IE, a vertically integrated strategic growth and investment firm, today announced the launch of revenue operations services to help startups go to market and scale their sales more effectively.

The firm is acquiring Jameson Strategies, a RevOps as a Service consultancy led by co-founders Craig Handy and Sebastian Silva, who were previously RevOps leaders at Shopify and Assent Compliance. Handy and Silva, who will lead the new services at York IE, bring with them a strong network of consultants and innovators in the areas of RevOps and go-to-market (GTM).

“RevOps expertise is normally available only at later stages of growth,” Handy said. “By offering it to early-stage startups, we’re supporting York IE’s vision of building successful, sustainable companies with a well-defined GTM strategy and a mature tech stack. Additionally, by augmenting existing RevOps teams at later-stage companies, we can help give them the edge to win in more competitive and mature markets.”

The demand for RevOps continues to grow for companies at all stages, and those who invest in it are experiencing tremendous results. Of companies that use revenue operations and intelligence solutions, 59% see improved win rates and 53% report increased net-dollar retention, according to research by Forrester.

York IE’s RevOps services unify people, processes, technology and data to help B2B SaaS companies across a wide range of industries, including ecommerce, cybersecurity, health IT, supply chain software and human resources technology. The services are ideal both for early-stage companies looking to build their tech stack right from day one, as well as for hyperscale companies looking to streamline and increase efficiency in their GTM processes.

The offering is part of York IE’s Go-to-Market and Revenue Operations advisory services, which  include:

  • Bookings and revenue modeling
  • Pricing and packaging modeling support
  • Hiring planning and quota modeling
  • GTM process and technology design
  • RevOps and GTM best practices training
  • Technology stack assessment and overhaul
  • Managed technology stack services

RevOps Leaders

Handy, now York IE’s director of revenue operations, and Silva, lead RevOps strategist, founded Jameson Strategies in 2018 to provide enterprise-grade RevOps expertise to growing businesses in an affordable way.

They previously worked on the global revenue operations and technology team at Shopify, a publicly traded leader in SaaS, where Handy led revenue automation, tooling and enablement, while Silva worked on RevOps. Before joining Shopify, the two were leaders in revenue and marketing operations at Assent Compliance (a unicorn backed by Vista Equity Partners and Warburg Pincus), where York IE CEO Kyle York was an independent board member.

“We want to give growing businesses access to top-notch RevOps expertise — and also break the mold of rigid, big tech consulting in favor of a creative and personal approach,” Silva said. “We balk at the idea of transactional engagements, opting instead to foster long-term, client-focused partnerships.”

To learn more about York IE’s Go-to-Market and Revenue Operations services, visit

Sales Team Structure Template

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Sales Team Structure Template

Set your sales org up for success with the templates and frameworks in our free GTM strategy playbook.

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