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York IE Hires New Software Engineer, Nick Sjostrom

Throughout my young career as a Software Developer and Engineer, finding passion in what I do has been one of the major contributors in how I attempt to steer my career. I believe it is the only way to truly enjoy what I do while making a positive impact within the industry. The opportunity to join York IE as one of the first full time software engineers was something I quickly felt passionate about and therefore was an easy decision to make.


In 2016, I landed an Engineering job at Dyn. At this point in my career I was looking for the next logical step in my software development experience and knowledge (and to work on some cool stuff, as always). Dyn was known for having some of the best engineering talent in the area, and I needed to be a part of that. Excited and ambitious, I dove into my first project. However, I quickly found myself in the Valley of Despair of my personal journey along the Dunning-Kruger curve as I realized how much I needed to learn. Before Dyn I worked at a small company with a handful of engineers and our processes, as well as our overall experience, were nowhere near as mature as Dyn’s. This was a pivotal moment in my life, one that has benefited me greatly as a person and an engineer. I got to work, learning everything I could from anyone that was willing to teach. When Dyn was acquired by Oracle in 2017, I took it as another opportunity to learn from people much smarter and more experienced than me. Over the course of my tenure at Oracle I was able to work on various projects of different sizes and interact with countless Engineers and Architects as we discussed service architecture / design. It was another amazing experience that I am truly fortunate to have had. My time at Dyn and Oracle made me a much more competent and confident engineer.

Why York IE?

Once again, I found myself observing a company consisting of intelligent, passionate, experienced people… people that I wanted to surround myself with. That is how we get better at anything; being with people who can push you out of your comfort zone, present new thoughts or ideas, and help lift you to the next level. York IE has an inspiring vision of investing in companies, not just financially, but by sharing their pool of experience as an extension of the companies themselves. I feel I am in a place where I can deliver impactful results to that vision with a passionate entrepreneurial mindset.

Looking Forward

My role will involve building out the Fuel Platform, with a focus on the UI and user experience. Fuel is York IE’s source of truth when it comes to company and market research information. It also provides us with a medium for aggregating and working collaboratively with investment and marketing data in the form of Smart Notebooks. We will be developing Fuel’s Smart Notebook feature set over the next few months, so be on the lookout for more blog posts on the subject. I genuinely could not be more excited about the problems my team will be solving and the value we will add to the company. The York IE Engineering team will also be looking to contribute back to relevant open-source projects so be sure to follow us and keep an eye out for new blog posts and updates!

Sales Team Structure Template

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Sales Team Structure Template

Set your sales org up for success with the templates and frameworks in our free GTM strategy playbook.

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