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Delightree, A Workflow Automation App, Closes $3M Seed Round 

Delightree, a workflow automation app designed for franchise businesses, recently announced they had finalized a $3M seed round led by Accel Partners. The company plans to use money from the deal to expand its growing list of franchise clients that already includes Subway, Burger King & Pedros among others. Delightree was founded in 2019 with the goal of automating workflows for franchise businesses and brick-and-mortar operations. 

Why this transaction?

The York IE team chose this as our Transaction of the Week (TOW) to highlight the broader trend towards automation of everyday workflows. With their latest seed round funding, Delightree will continue to help bring digital workflow tools to SMB’s who traditionally relied on physical pen & paper. In recent years, the shift to cloud based solutions has remained largely at the enterprise level due to solutions being too expensive to implement or not addressing unique needs of SMB’s. Delightree offers a suite of tools to help expedite communication between management and front line employees. Switching to a cloud based platform like Delightree allows franchise owners to monitor their locations from afar and digitize workflows like opening/closing procedures. 

COVID-19 Driving The Push Towards Automation 

As parts of the country continue to open up, companies face new challenges adhering to strict guidelines put in place to protect consumers. Delightree has unveiled a new feature called “Delightcomply” which will keep store owners up to date with new CDC guidelines and recommendations; users can also choose to share their compliance details with customers, a great way to earn consumer trust during the pandemic.

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