Introducing a new platform for strategic growth


Positive Outcomes for All

York IE helps startups grow in a way that benefits founders, investors and all other stakeholders while preserving their optionality.

We take a hands-on approach, providing active capital and operational expertise to early-stage B2B SaaS companies with strong opportunities to become successful, sustainable companies.

A New Approach to Investing

The definition of startup success has changed. Not all 10-figure exits work out well for founders, and not all healthy, profitable companies generate the returns that traditional VCs require.

At York IE, our incentives are aligned with yours.

We’ll always help you make the best decisions for the long-term success of your company — because your growth is in the best interest of our investors.

What York IE Looks For

  • Founder market fit: founders with strong industry experience and knowledge
  • B2B companies with at least some portion of revenue from scalable, subscription-based models
  • Companies up and down the tech stack and across job functions: infrastructure, developer tools, cybersecurity, marketing, platforms, vertical SaaS and more
  • Startups in large, tech laggard markets with strong macro tailwinds
  • At least some initial signs of product market fit or customer traction

Not ready for investment yet?
York IE's Advisory as a Service can help you grow.

As Investors

Up to $20 million invested annually

15 to 20 transactions per year

$1 million average check size

TechWomen Invest

We want to see more women in leadership positions, board seats and advisory roles across the technology industry.

That’s why we’re elevating opportunities for female investors.

Knowledge is power

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