Strategic Partners

Let’s Reimagine the Startup Ecosystem. Together.

At York IE, our goal is to help reshape how startups are built, scaled, and monetized. But startups are not built in a vacuum. They thrive in a vibrant ecosystem. That’s why we believe so strongly in partnerships. If you’re helping startups, we want to partner with you as well.

We are proud partners with these great organizations.

Accelerators and Universities

Do you run an incubator, accelerator or startup program?

We want to connect to see how we can help your young entrepreneurs build the companies of their dreams.

Service Alliances

Do you provide valuable services that help startups grow?

We know there’s a lot of work that goes into scaling a company. We are looking for partners who can supplement our offerings so our startups can solve all of their needs

Corporate Startup Programs

Is your corporate accelerator or incubator growing fast?

We want to partner with you and help you track, monitor and engage with your companies, so you can provide even more value.

Data, Integration, and Product

Is your data valuable to startups?

We are always looking for more unique, valuable data sets and insights to include in our SaaS platform. 

Capital Partner Ecosystem

Are you looking to share deal flow?

We are regularly talking with startups that are looking for their next investment, alternative financing options or finishing out a round and we’d like to introduce them to you.


Are you helping to build an ecosystem?

Entrepreneurs and operators thrive in a rich ecosystem and we love helping to build them out across the country and the world. So if you’re playing an important role in making your community better, we want to chat.

Investment Partners

Looking to invest in early stage B2B SaaS companies?

We are always looking for high net worth individuals, family offices, multi-family offices, and technology executives who want access to a unique asset class and our strong deal flow, which has been cultivated over the past 15 years working in tech.

Become a partner!

Benefits of being a York IE partner:

  • Co-marketing
  • Referrals
  • Integrations
  • Exclusive offers