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Market Pulse Cloud Infrastructure: Data Leaks & The Dangers of Cloud 

In today’s Market Pulse, brought to you by our Fuel platform, we discuss the reality of data leaks and the inherent security risks associated with the cloud. This week, Fuel watchlist company Solvo, published a paper discussing a recent data breach that was the result of “overlooked security protocols”. It was discovered that misconfigured Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 Buckets, a popular cloud storage solution, was the reason for the data breach. Although York IE believes Cloud Infrastructure has a robust future ahead, it is important to note that companies must be extra scrutinizing when dealing with security protocols. As was the case in Solvo’s paper, even a few misconfigured storage protocols have the ability to cripple a network leaving you, and your customer’s data, at risk. 

  • Solvo’s published paper discussing the risks of cloud security can be viewed here

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