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Market Pulse Cloud Infrastructure: Multi-Cloud vs Multi-Service 

In today’s Market Pulse, brought to you by our Fuel platform, we walk you through the benefits of deploying a multi-service strategy. Originally, organizations would often choose multi-cloud in an attempt to avoid customer lock-in with one single provider. The thought behind this strategy was that if one provider failed to deliver, a customer could easily transfer their apps from one cloud provider to another. This strategy made sense when providers like AWS and Azure were only providing compute and storage services; today though, these cloud providers offer hundreds of unique services for companies to take advantage of. For organizations looking to quickly innovate and be on the cutting edge of the market, having a single cloud multi-service provider is the most advantageous approach.

  • Fuel watchlist company, CloudZero, recently published an article discussing the benefits of multi-service and why they believe it is the best solution for organizations looking to innovate quickly. Read more here.

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