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Market Pulse Cybersecurity: Transitioning to the Cloud

We start this Tuesday morning off with a cloud platform use case from Fuel watchlist company Druva. In previous blogs, we’ve discussed the benefits of moving to the cloud; companies transitioning to cloud architecture continue to experience increased uptime, reduced cyber threats, and all-around reliability.

In a recent article, Druva presented a use case for a client switching from their legacy on-premise solutions to cloud architecture. The client, Jenkon in this example, not only experienced benefits of the cloud listed above, but was also able to use cloud-native data protection to protect their Microsoft 365 & VM data. Having business-critical data, such as customer/account information, secure within the Druva cloud platform makes tasks like Disaster Recovery (DR) more manageable. As cloud architecture becomes more mainstream, we will continue to see use cases similar to the one discussed here; companies ditching their legacy on-premise platforms are gaining the reliability and flexibility associated with cloud architecture.

  • To read Druva’s use case and hear more about Jenkon’s experience transitioning to cloud architecture click here

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