Introducing a new platform for strategic growth

What We Do

The global economy is constantly changing. Yet the mission remains the same: build good companies. Good companies enrich communities. Good companies nurture careers. Good companies create wealth and legacy. Good companies make an impact.

It’s hard to build a good company. As an entrepreneur you may go from negotiating a major deal to taking out the office trash. As an operator you’re willing to completely change your strategy to keep the company moving forward. As an investor you’re willing to take risks and fund the future. Whatever it takes.

If you are willing to do this, it’s time to find a partner doing the same.

Legacy vehicles and organizations that startups turn to for growth help or scale-ups turn to for innovation are broken, siloed, and failing them.

So we built a vertically, integrated next generation company to act as an extension of your team and help you grow. We think this is a new type of model that actually brings value to entrepreneurs and operators, and, long term, benefits investors.

You’re doing whatever it takes to build a good company. So will we.

Let’s reshape the way companies are built, scaled and monetized, together.

"We're not chasing paper unicorns. We're committed to working with entrepreneurs and helping them solve customer problems and create real-world value."
Kyle York


We’re a new type of tech-enabled strategic growth advisor focused on aligned acceleration, acting as an extension of your team and letting you build your business on your terms.

We specialize in four major areas of tech-enabled growth advisory services:


We invest at the earliest stage through Series A startups. We’re also primarily focused on business to business (B2B), subscription, and Software as a Service (SaaS) companies.


Fuel takes the operational expertise that York IE provides to its startup clients and portfolio companies and makes it available on demand through templates, AI-powered tools and face-to-face meetings with real startup advisors.

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