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The Secret Sauce of Success

Here’s a dirty secret about successful tech startups: It isn’t all about the tech!

Of course, amazing technology plays a huge role, but the difference between good companies and great companies comes down to the people.

Building a company culture that can attract and retain the best talent is one of the most important differentiators you can create. In those early days of a company, hiring the right people is a force multiplier and can accelerate your progress.

For example, a first crucial hire for York IE was Kate Campbell, our vice president of advisory services. Hiring Kate was like hiring three regular people. Great people attract other great people. Kate’s first hire was our newly promoted advisory services director, Meaghan McGrath. Like Kate, Meaghan had the production of multiple people. So York IE hired two new people but got the output of five. That is how you crush goals!

Having seen firsthand how impactful talent can be on a company, I am thrilled that we launched our new Talent and Culture services last week, led by the amazing Brittany Flanagan. Brittany understands that startups don’t succeed because they fill job reqs. They succeed because they create an environment that brings out the best in people. If you can do that, you will create a special place to work, and that feeling will extend to your customers, partners, and industry.

If you’re interested in building not just generational products but also a legendary place to work, please hit us up! We want to help.

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