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Fuel Feature: Market Pulse Emails

You’re busy. Keeping a pulse on industry trends and market news is likely done in stolen moments.

Subscribing to Market Pulse emails from York IE Fuel News enables you to receive daily or weekly updates on industry and market trends, right in your inbox. And you can get these updates in a Slack feed, too. Either way, you’ll be in the know about trends affecting your company, companies in your portfolio, your competitors and more.

Let Fuel curate the content that matters to you. Here’s a quick primer:

What is a Market Pulse?

A Market Pulse is a curated news feed built around a certain technology or topic area. From your Fuel homepage, hover over the News tab to access the five Market Pulse categories:

On these pages, you’ll find an expertly curated news feed filled with the best and latest owned content from up-and-coming startups and growth companies. The major players in the market will be highlighted on the right hand side of the feed, allowing you to click on their company profiles and learn more.

Market Pulse Emails

Market Pulse emails gather the latest content in a market and deliver it to your inbox. Simply click the green Subscribe button on the right side of the Market Pulse news feed to enable these emails.

For instance, if you subscribed to the Cybersecurity Market Pulse, you would receive an email with the top cybersecurity content for the day or week.

Managing Market Pulse Emails

To manage your Market Pulse email notifications through the Settings tab, follow our directions here.

Slack Integration

If you’re looking to keep your email inbox clean, you can also receive Market Pulse updates via Slack.

Follow these simple steps to create your own Slack feed that will curate news updates for your favorite markets.

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