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New Early Stage Investment Firm Launches To Reshape How Startups Are Built

(Manchester, NH, September 10, 2019) —  York IE, a new value-add investment firm and operating company, announced its public launch today with a commitment to reshape the way startups are built, scaled, and monetized.

“Entrepreneurs have always worn many hats and been willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. We feel like an investment firm should do the same,” said Kyle York, CEO and managing partner of York IE. “Our focus is to help entrepreneurs grow and scale their companies. Good companies create new jobs, invest in their local communities and impact the world. ”

Though the formal launch of York IE is today, York and his fellow co-founders and managing partners, Joe Raczka and Adam Coughlin, have been investing and advising startups for the past five years. Currently, York IE has already deployed over $12 million in capital investing in over 60 startups, 16 of which have exited in deals valued at over $2.5 billion, including Fastly, which became a publicly traded company in May 2019, and Datanyze, which was acquired by ZoomInfo in 2018. 

“Kyle and the whole crew at York IE are without a doubt, the most energetic and positive people I’ve ever met,” said Ilya Semin, CEO and founder of Datanyze. “Kyle worked with me as an advisor, investor and board member and he’s been absolutely incredible. It’s hard to estimate how much value York IE added to our team. If and when I do my next startup, they will be my first call.”

Unlike many early stage investment firms, York IE is not raising a traditional fund and will not take a management fee from co-investors as they want to focus their time on working directly with and for entrepreneurs. Instead, they are investing through online and offline syndicates in an effort to democratize angel investing. York IE runs the largest SaaS syndicate on AngelList with nearly 1,000 backers and also launches with an all-star roster of high net worth investment partners with stellar careers from Fidelity, including Bob Brown, former President of Bond Division, who will also serve as an advisor to the firm.

“Kyle and his team are smart, connected and hustle,” said legendary angel investor Gil Penchina. “But most importantly they built a scalable revenue generating team so their advice is from the school of hard knocks, not some ivory tower.”

That experience includes helping build Dyn to $100 million annual recurring revenue, 5,000 clients, 1 million paid users, $100 million fundraised, and nearly 15 mergers and acquisitions across their time spent at Dyn and within Oracle, who acquired Dyn in 2016 for a strategic multiple. York IE believes entrepreneurs benefit from more than just capital. They will bring their expertise in corporate strategy and go to market to their early stage startups plugging any holes the founding team needs. 

Since York IE is operator focused, they want to remain operators, which is why they will be launching a suite of products for entrepreneurs and angel investors. The products, which will be launching in 2020, will eliminate many of the barriers of entry to starting a new company. 

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York IE is a hybrid strategic advisory, investment, and operational growth firm focused on scaling innovative, creative and impactful companies via several unique engagements and vehicles. We invest capital, expertise, and passion, build products and create content to support ambitious entrepreneurs and angel investors on their quest to scale startups and disrupt markets. To learn more, visit York.IE.


Adam Coughlin

Managing Partner

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Sales Team Structure Template

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