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Fuel Feature: Teams

Keeping everyone in your organization on the same page isn’t easy, especially as remote work gives us fewer chances for impromptu desk chatter and casual check-ins by the Keurig.

Whether you’re growing a startup or managing a portfolio of companies, it’s imperative that everyone in your network has access to market and competitive intelligence. Seeing an article about a competitor or a blog post from a thought leader in your industry can spark a conversation, an idea and an action that ultimately gives you a competitive advantage.

Entrepreneurs, investors and incubators can help make sure they and their colleagues have a finger on the pulse of their market with the Teams feature from the York IE Fuel strategic growth platform.

Teams enables more cohesion for your organization. Here’s how:

Share and Sync, Automatically

Fuel’s watchlist feature allows you to group relevant companies, whether they’re competitors, comparators or members of your portfolio. You’ll easily be able to see all relevant news and owned content from anyone you place on a watchlist.

The Teams feature allows you to create and share these watchlists with your entire organization, or just a specific department that needs to be in the loop, letting you further compartmentalize and streamline your company’s market research. Allow your colleagues to declutter feeds by sharing relevant watchlists with just the marketing team or just the development team, for example.

Unlimited Watchlists

In today’s startup ecosystem, the more market info you provide your team, the better.

Fuel users on the Free plan can access one watchlist, while those on the Individual plan can share and receive notifications for up to five watchlists.

Teams users have unlimited watchlists and access to premium features on company profiles that free users cannot access, including funding data and other key information.

Sign up for a Team Plan

In order to access the Teams feature, you’ll first need to register your organization for the Team plan.

From any page on Fuel, scroll all the way down to the footer of the page. Under the Resources menu, select the pricing tab to navigate to the following screen:

With a Team plan, Fuel users will gain all of the benefits of an Individual Plus plan, with the added benefits of building out building custom teams and automatic sharing of watchlists.

The Team plan offers users:

  • Market Pulse subscriptions;
  • unlimited watchlists with notifications and sharing;
  • access for three teams and five users (which can be easily scaled to fit your organization’s needs);
  • advanced advisory services; and
  • email, chat and call support.

Looking to get your team more aligned? Sign up for Fuel Teams today to get in sync with your teammates and drive strategic growth for your startup or portfolio.

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