Introducing a new platform for strategic growth

Inside the Growth of York IE India

From the earliest days of York IE, we knew we needed to develop competency in technology, data and research to achieve our vision.

When looking for engineering support on the consulting marketplace Upwork, our CTO Mike Veilleux met a full-stack developer from Ahmedabad, India named Kalrav Parsana. They immediately hit it off. And the more that Kalrav completed high-quality work, the more work we sent his way — so much so that he needed to bring on additional resources.

Kalrav eventually formed his own company, All Cloud Works Technologies, to accommodate all these requests. Kalrav and the initial team were instrumental in building our York IE strategic growth platform, Fuel, a resource for startup founders and operators everywhere.

York IE’s dev demands began to evolve beyond our own company and expand to our Labs and portfolio companies. Kalrav grew his team to eight talented developers and six clients, including us. We loved the relationship, but we couldn’t shake the feeling that it was short-sighted and a bit transactional.

So we decided to really go for it and proposed an acquisition. Kalrav was thrilled, as were we.

We legally became York IE APAC Limited in India, with Kalrav, Mike and myself serving as board directors. Our CFO Janelle Gorman spearheaded a tremendous amount of work to make this happen. We integrated and launched a first-class York IE product development service in May of 2022, hired Evan York stateside to help lead the product strategy team, and the rest is history.

Fast forward to today:

  • We have over 150 talented York IE employees and contractors in the region.
  • We recently moved into our new 25,000-square-feet office.
  • We’ve aligned U.S.-based product strategy, architecture, data science, revenue and client services to partner with our clients.
  • We’re adding cross-functional resources in India to support other practice areas and our own core business.

None of this would be possible without the great work of Kalrav Parsana and the team he has built. That’s why I’m so excited to announce his promotion to vice president, India operations. Kalrav has been playing this de facto leadership role from day one, but with our scale and maturation, he has more than earned this official evolution to our executive team!

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Join the York IE Team

Are you a hands-on, hungry hustler? Want to impact the trajectory of growing startups?

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