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York IE Hires Business Development Manager

Prior to my stint in New York City I had the incredible opportunity to start my career working under Kyle, Joe, and Marshall at Oracle. Coming out of college and having exposure to individuals with such admirable careers is something I did not take for granted. After my departure from Oracle I always knew that I wanted to work with them in the future and I couldn’t be more excited to be joining the star studded team again at York IE.

My New Role

As a Business Development Manager I will lead, manage and coordinate all business development activities and pipelines for the firm. My passion for building relationships will be fulfilled through cultivating new opportunities for consulting, investments, and investment partnerships. It will be such a joy learning about all the young startups in the Greater Boston area by managing top of funnel for our services and investments divisions as well as speaking with high net worth individuals who are seeking the opportunity to diversify their investments by gaining access to early stage tech companies through York IE.

Why York IE?

Although I only spent a little less than a year working in New York City I learned much more than anticipated. There is no lack of hustle in the big city which is very admirable and something I will always commemorate but I did learn quickly that not everyone has your back. Having the ability to return to the greater Boston area and to work alongside a group of individuals that I trust and share the same values is really important to me. Not only does the York IE cherish working with the individuals in their own company but they walk the walk with their values by choosing to invest in people over any factor when making investment decisions. Oh, and I get to work with my younger brother Mike.

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