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York IE Hires New Intern: Sarah Fleischman

My name is Sarah Fleischman and I am an undergraduate student at Cornell University studying Computer Science. Outside of the never-ending cycle of studying for classes and exams, I love to play squash, draw, and play board games.

I’m excited to have joined York IE this winter. I was drawn to this company because I am interested in the intersection between computer science and finance.

In my studies so far there have been few practical applications of the things we are learning. It is hard to understand why I need to know how to prove theorems to write code. This winter I’m excited to be hands-on.

Even just this week I feel that I have learned so much. I was able to write a simple scraper that has now been added to our main code. I have learned where to find the answers to different questions to stop me from spinning my wheels. Working in a team environment is something new as well. In the software industry, most people work in teams to create their products while at school you are on your own or in pairs. While I have used slack before, I am getting more comfortable with other collaborating technologies like GitHub and Confluence.

I’m excited for the rest of this winter where I will continue to work on the backend of the Fuel Platform on more complex scrapers in order to broaden our data collecting capabilities.

If you would like to learn more about me or my background you can find me on LinkedIn.

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