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Being an angel investor is an exciting and attractive venture. Being on the ground floor as a company grows can be both personally and financially rewarding. That’s why angel investing should be, at least, a small portion of everyone’s investment portfolio. Not only can it result in higher than average returns, but by investing in startups you’re helping to grow jobs and communities.

Angel investing is also risky, as the rate of startup success is limited. Angel investing on your own is akin to lighting your money on fire because the best entrepreneurs, the best startups and the best deals are not open to everyone. Even if you get access to them, money doesn’t ensure success. Entrepreneurs need help along the way to successfully grow and build a business and that help can’t be provided by the hobbyist investor. It needs to be delivered by a full-time team committed to doing whatever it takes to help.

That’s why we’re here. We want to democratize angel investing and open it up to a broader swath of people. We believe the more people angel investing responsibly means we can all have a bigger impact on building a healthy economy.

We do this by offering educational materials to first-time angel investors on the benefits to this passion while also warning against the many risks and applying the lessons we’ve learned over the years.

Additionally, we want to introduce qualified investors to the deals our team is constantly working and vetting. These are the deals we’ll be investing our personal money in and our own sweat equity. We don’t charge a management fee. It doesn’t make sense to get paid to fail. Our money sits alongside your money. We’re all in this together. We invest in companies we believe in and then work alongside them to help accelerate their success.

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