Startup Advisory Services

With limited resources and a mountain of work to get done, where can you turn for startup advisory services – without breaking the bank?

We couldn’t find such a place. So we built one.

The York IE Advisory Services team will act as an extension of your operating team, helping you identify business opportunities, bring your product to market and communicate your messaging.

Learn more about our startup advisory services and see how we’ve helped businesses grow:

Market and Product

Market and competitive intelligence is essential for a business to understand its current and future opportunities. This research guides the roadmap for both the company and its product. At York IE, we specialize in using external research and our proprietary data platform to provide informed and actionable guidance for your startup.

Advisory services include:
  • Market and competitive intelligence
  • Market research mapping and sizing
  • Product roadmap review (horizon planning)
  • M&A evaluation and coaching
  • Partnership review and support
  • Strategic partnership and investment rationales
  • Custom research and reports
Advisory services include:
  • Business management and executive coaching
  • Messaging hierarchy development and revision
  • Company presentation review and evolution
  • Strategic plan analysis and support
  • Financial/KPI planning and modeling review
  • Overall GTM strategy
  • Fundraising plan and process support
  • Hiring roadmap planning and recruiting support

Business Growth and GTM

You can’t build a good SaaS company without a strong business strategy. At York IE, we use our years of hands-on experience as operators to help guide your business decisions. We’ve been in your shoes and are here to provide the coaching, strategy and feedback you need to scale your business.

Marketing and Communications

Most startups solve customer problems and are built upon solid technology, but only a few succeed. Why? Because most startups get lost in a sea of noise. At York IE, we provide the marketing and communications strategy and execution to help you break through the clutter and build a believable brand.

Advisory services include:
  • Market overview
  • Messaging hierarchy and review
  • Brand review and recommendations
  • Corporate deck/website review
  • Content strategy, development & execution
  • Media & influencer relations
  • Thought leadership
  • Executive platforms
  • Social program strategy and execution
  • Analyst relations


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