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Lytica Builds a Marketing Funnel with York IE

Lytica is the world’s only provider of spend analytics and risk intelligence data for electronic components. It’s a tremendous opportunity, but it presents a challenge in terms of creating awareness and generating demand. That’s why Lytica turned to York IE’s Advisory as a Service.

By working with York IE’s marketing communications and revenue operations teams, Lytica has:
  • successfully announced its Series A, securing coverage in multiple regional and industry publications.
  • generated an influx of leads from its ebook, Defining a Sustainable Global Electronics Supply Chain.
  • consistently grown its LinkedIn following and increased its visibility in search engine results.
  • implemented HubSpot to power marketing automation, attribution and lead hand-off.
  • optimized its go-to-market motion through consistent performance measurement and analysis.

Michael Collins, Lytica’s vice president of marketing, discusses the benefits of working with York IE as both an investor and an advisor:

What challenges is Lytica solving by working with York IE?

The uniqueness of Lytica’s platform requires us to educate the market quite a bit. And that’s very much where York IE has plugged in: helping us generate blogs, market reports and PR activities that allow us to educate customers and bring them into the funnel.

They also help on the RevOps side to ensure that we are capturing insights throughout the funnel and reporting on them. York IE was able to help us architect a tech stack so we can measure successful campaigns, understand bottlenecks in our selling process and remove barriers to growth.

How does York IE act as an extension of Lytica’s team?

We don’t have the headcount to hire a bunch of people, especially if we’re not entirely sure something’s going to work. But York IE brings a wide variety of talent to bear, so we can test certain hypotheses and then double down on those strategies that are effective.

That variety of capabilities enables York IE to be more of a partner than a standard contractor. They provide guidance as to campaigns they’ve seen work. They provide input into our larger content strategy. And they have the arsenal of talent to execute on those strategies and campaigns.

What does it mean to have York IE as both an advisor and an investor?

York IE being investors certainly has its advantages. Number one, there’s more of an incentive to ensure that Lytica is successful. And secondly, there’s an ability to better understand the business and how it’s going to grow. As a result, the guidance and the recommendations that they provide are much more informed.

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