Build good companies.
Not fast exits.

The global economy is constantly changing. Yet the mission remains the same: build good companies. Good companies enrich communities. Good companies nurture careers. Good companies create wealth and legacy. Good companies make an impact.

It’s hard to build a good company.

We know because we’ve done it.
More than once.

And stumbled many times along the way. It can be a hard and lonely journey. But building companies is in our DNA. And anyone who loves startups as much as we do knows that to succeed you need a big idea and then the willingness to do whatever it takes to execute that into reality. As an entrepreneur you may go from negotiating a major deal to taking out the office trash. Whatever it takes.

If you are willing to do this, it’s time to find a partner doing the same.

Here at York IE, We Are Part...

Venture Capital




Our Recipe for Success

A one-size-fits-all engagement model doesn’t work because each entrepreneur; each startup has unique problems and needs. And we know that because we listen. We’re not here to force our will and values on you, but to fill in the gaps where you need it.

We want to be your first call. Whether you need funding, an introduction, are stumped on why your CAGR has slowed, want to juice your go-to-market engine, need a critical hire or board addition, are looking to exit or facing a first-of-its-kind problem, call us and we’ll listen and help eliminate the roadblock.

We think this is a new type of model that actually brings value to entrepreneurs and, long term, benefits investors.

You’re doing whatever it takes to build a good company. So will we.

"We're not chasing paper unicorns. We're committed to working with entrepreneurs and helping them solve customer problems and create real-world value."
Kyle York

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