Introducing a new platform for strategic growth

Investors and Bankers

Share Deal Flow

York IE’s unique go-to-market engine means we’re talking with hundreds of companies each month. We are always looking for philosophically aligned co-investors in our deals and are always eager to learn about new startups that could benefit from our value-add model.

White Label Our Services​

So many VC and PE firms offer incredible strategic guidance to their portfolio companies. However, many are not staffed to take that strategy and turn it into operational execution. 

We can help. 

York IE works with PE firms and later stage VC as their service provider. This can be done either through white labeling or a referral fee program. This provides peace of mind for the firms as they know their portfolio companies are getting high quality, reasonably priced support from a firm that moves at a startup’s pace. 

Fuel Your Investments

York IE’s Fuel platform is the easiest way to track your portfolio, provide value to your companies and research new opportunities.

Use Fuel to:

  • Follow the latest news from your portfolio companies and their competitors
  • Get up to speed quickly on markets and companies
  • Amplify your companies’ messaging
  • Deliver white-label services to your companies

Invest with York IE

We run a syndicate model and take no management fees. Our evergreen investment partner syndicate is made up of high-net-worth individuals, family offices and institutions who want access to a unique asset class and strong deal flow, which we’ve cultivated over 15 years of working in tech.

Does this sound like you?

Our investment partners invest alongside our own capital, and we’re always looking for new investors to join.

  • Invest in six-month cohorts
  • Aim to participate in 10 to 20 transactions per year
  • Semi-annual reporting and an annual in-person investment partner meeting
  • Full access to York IE Fuel

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