Introducing a new platform for strategic growth

Startup Communities

Introduce a New Investor

York IE leads or participates in Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A round investments for B2B SaaS companies. If you have companies that fit that profile, we want to talk with them.

Use York IE to:

  • Introduce your companies to a new, potential investor
  • Offer your companies a hands-on due diligence prep project that will be better prepare them for their fundraise

Become a York IE Fuel partner

We want to help you continue to help your community. Extend your value and create a new revenue stream. The York IE
Fuel platform combines in-depth data, expert advice and cutting-edge tools to create a one-stop shop for strategic growth.

With Fuel, your startups can:

  • Create a growth plan so they can achieve their long-term goals
  • Find and pitch the right investors to support their vision
  • Develop an effective story and tell it consistently to their target audience
  • And more…

Offer Fuel to your startups and get:

  • A free Fuel account for your organization
  • A co-branded landing page
  • Co-hosted on-boarding training

Offer world-class tech-enabled services to your companies

York IE has worked with hundreds of startups across multiple industries. Our experienced operators will act as an extension of your team, helping you bring your product to market, build a memorable brand and accelerate your growth.

York IE can help your companies with:

  • Financial model building
  • Website design and development
  • Product launch media relations
  • CRM implementation
  • And more…

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