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Engage Your Audience Where They Are, Always

York IE has always lived by the mindset that if you build something of great value for the market you play in, customers will discover you and share their findings in the circles they live and work. If you truly stand for something and stand out, are passionate, persistent, dedicated and disruptive then the market will come to you. It just takes pace, stamina, patience, and time.

Getting to the stage of a customer lifecycle that evolves a relationship from prospect to customer to advocate is the holy grail of any scaling business. This has proven successful for us for 15+ years in the technology sector because an undeniable truth is that people buy from people they like and stick with companies they enjoy doing business with. In recurring revenue SaaS business models, this loyalty and evangelism from your best and brightest supporters couldn’t be more paramount. Whether they be customers, partners, friends, family, employees — you need them all singing your praises.

We’re obsessive when it comes to sharing our vision to reshape the way startups are built, scaled and monetized. We are also developing a community that is as diehard as we are and that takes time and commitment. But, instead of waiting around for it to come or merely relying on natural/organic word-of-mouth marketing, we’ve taken it to the streets (digital streets mostly) and are shouting loudly and consistently from the rooftops, across all channels. Don’t just take it from us though, take it from our tribe, who is actively beating the drum with us. We meet our loyalists in the forums and mediums best for them, short and long-form, and empower them to share our points of view and play a part in our rise. 

You know you’ve already experienced some of our engagement and open dialogue if you’ve been involved in any of the following activities we’ve put in action:

Yes, it’s a lot to track and follow! We are inviting you daily, minute by minute, to unite with us, learn from us, collaborate with us, and help evolve our voice to be even more pronounced. We represent entrepreneurs and operators in their quest to scale companies and disrupt markets. We want to be a launching pad and sounding board for you, your company, your personal and professional development, your career journey and reach and scale your network. We appreciate you and your support. 

Our brand building, drumbeat marketing (content) and market engagement strategy are all about transparency, access, and communication with a large dose of let’s not take ourselves too seriously tossed in. We’re having fun! 

Let’s push the chatter as far as we can take it and take the startup landscape to a reimagined place together. Entrepreneurs wear many hats, it’s time an investment firm does the same. We always say that rising tides lift all ships – our actions and our portfolio of unique engagements are proof of that many times over. We hope you enjoy our philosophy and remain a large part of the startup growth revolution into the future. This is just the beginning — join with us in our movement. We appreciate all of your energy and support.

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