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Entrepreneurs Are Known For Hoodies

During the world’s first and longest remote work experiment, balancing family, kids, pets, chores, and a new way of work and collaboration with colleagues, we all must be comfortable below the screen in our favorite chair, around the house or strolling the neighborhood. What’s absolutely never been okay until now because of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, is the day-to-day acceptance of sweatpants as a fixture of the Zoom culture dress code. It’s undeniable, the sweatpant has become the go-to pant of choice!

Entrepreneurs and their sense of fashion

It’s no secret that entrepreneurs aren’t always known for their fashion sense. Or maybe they are! I’ve read several articles over the years about true genius founders not bothering themselves with outfit selection and how wearing the same thing every day eliminates the early morning brain use that many find a distraction. Eliminating one foundational decision each day clears space for the bigger fish to fry decisions that await!

Whether it be Dean Kamen’s denim on denim look, or Steve Job’s black mock turtleneck and jeans ensemble, Jack Dorsey’s black t-shirts, or Mark Zuckerberg’s infamous zip up hoodie fame, entrepreneurs for years have kept it simple.

Marry this with the startup branded t-shirt culture, one we built the Dyn t-shirt led brand on for many years, and you’ve got an industry that threw out the tie several years ago — or cut the tie as Richard Branson always talks about.

What’re you repping?

I’m certain that at least 90% of folks are primarily repping their favorite sweatpants these days, with that hoodie, or t-shirt, or turtleneck or denim button up each day. I bet even the suits are pulling it off in secret! Because of this phenomenon, I decided I’d give you a list of some of my favorite sweatpants brands who are all fighting for survival and to sustain business during this difficult time. Please support them if you’re one of the geniuses not over-analyzing your day to day gear right now and opting for immense comfort. All of the brands below have both male and female choices for your lower half! Rest assured, I realize that the ladies reading this post are most certainly also rocking their favorite Yoga pants / tights du jour!

  • Alo – Yoga friendly for the mindful and zen
  • Vuori – Light and airy, like their shorts and swim trunks
  • Boxraw – Ready for comfort and the workout
  • Under Armour – One big brand takes it for sweats, in my book


These all go great with your favorite pair of versatile YORK Athletics Mfg. sneakers (our 3rd generation York family business), who are actively running an inspiring initiative to support frontline workers, with their #fightfromhome campaign. Buy a pair of kicks for a frontline worker, get a pair free for yourself. You can even bulk order them at a special rate for the cause! With that, and this is a big assumption of course, I’m assuming you’re not just rocking your favorite Ugg slippers. Stay safe, healthy and comfortable my friends.

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Sales Team Structure Template

Set your sales org up for success with the templates and frameworks in our free GTM strategy playbook.

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