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Recapping Geneia Conversations: “Entrepreneurship with Kyle York”

Did you know that “77% of the devices we use feature one form of AI or another?

A few weeks back, Kyle was on the Geneia Conversations Podcast where he was questioned on what excites him the most in his latest endeavor.

Since 2000, Kyle has been working with software companies and today he invests in them, advises them, and is helping create one as part of our vertically integrated strategic growth and investment firm. What excites him the most is learning how these companies continue to innovate and find new ways to disrupt their industries.

One of the most popular ways today to innovate is through AI and automation. Several York IE portfolio companies include AI in their offering like Canvs AI, who measures emotion and turns open-ended text into insights from customers. Other portfolio companies use AI in cybersecurity, EdTech, or manufacturing but are all SaaS businesses with recurring revenue business models.

Kyle explains how AI is synonymous with automation and that you’re already behind today if you aren’t thinking about some level of automation and AI in your offering.

Automation allows companies to short circuit workflows, make processes more efficient, and encourages innovation.

With the continued increase of automation in startups and businesses worldwide, finding ways to streamline processes for customers with automation in one’s software business should be a priority if it isn’t already.

Kyle also talks a lot about our city, Manchester, NH, growing up in a family business, the Dyn journey, his shoe company YORK Athletics, supporting the local community, and more. But all of that is just old-fashioned human first topics – no AI needed!

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