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How Canvs Is Empowering a More Empathetic World

As we shared recently, three of our portfolio clients were named to the Inc. 5000, a list of the fastest growing companies in America. Canvs, the leader in emotion and behavior insights, was named to the list for the second consecutive year with a stellar 81.68% revenue growth over three years. I’m excited to share that I’ve joined the Canvs Board of Directors to help drive strategy and shape the future of the company.  Canvs is taking how we measure emotion and flipping it on its head. Through its patented technology, Canvs can read, interpret, and categorize Emotional Reactions (ERs) in digital dialogue. This opens up a world of possibilities and data for companies to understand and analyze as the technology understands how people feel and the business impacts those feelings create. Through identifying a massive number of expressions and analyzing more than 10 billion conversations, the platform quickly turns open-ended text from social media, marketing campaigns, and customer surveys into powerful insights that can improve product and brand experiences. Canvs also has an impressive and growing client list – working with some of the largest media companies in the world, including Comcast, Fox, Turner and AMC. It is an official Facebook Media Solutions partner, and also partners with Social Content Ratings to provide the most holistic measurement of social TV at scale.

The Future of Canvs

Not only am I excited to join Jared Feldman, founder and CEO of Canvs, Josh Lamstein, a partner at KEC Ventures and Jason Stein, the founder and general partner of SC.Holdings, I’m psyched to become a part of a company that I truly believe can change the future of emotional measurement. Since being introduced to them, I’ve watched Canvs rapidly grow, and it is a game changer company that is poised to disrupt the future of how we evolve our brands to meet the growing expectations of our clients. As a father and an entrepreneur who has invested in more than 75 startups, I understand that emotion is at the base of almost every decision made. Canvs’ knows and understands the importance of understanding emotion and the influence it can have on a company and a brand. The Canvs platform takes the understanding of human emotion to a new level, allowing people to understand each other and communicate effectively. Isn’t this something we all can aspire to get better at? I recently penned a piece about why startups must be committed to growth. Canvs is the blueprint for this type of company commitment. As a startup that began by analyzing social media data, Jared and the company watched the market, understood what was coming and developed a long-term strategy for success. This meant adding Canvs Surveys to the product roster in 2018, allowing companies to analyze open-ended text within survey data to understand consumers’ feelings about their brand. As I mentioned in the aforementioned growth blog, success is about revenue consistency and diversity to form a healthy mix across products, segments, verticals and channels. These knobs and levers should be utilized to ensure targets are met in the most efficient and strategic ways possible. Canvs saw an opportunity to make an impact in a new market and worked hard to make it happen. That’s the sign of a great company and the next great SaaS company for others to try and emulate!

York IE and Canvs

Canvs was announced as a part of the second cohort of investments in July of this year with five other strong startups. As part of our investment in Canvs and the vision of the company, we are also working on their marketing and communications strategy via our services offering.  I’m looking forward to watching the success of Canvs and being part of a great team. I’ll be sure to control my emotions at all times!

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Sales Team Structure Template

Set your sales org up for success with the templates and frameworks in our free GTM strategy playbook.

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