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Inside the Sales Playbook with Kyle York

Sales is involved in every aspect of business, especially for startups.

Not every deal is going to work out, but that’s why it’s so important to play the long game in your top of funnel, York IE CEO Kyle York said on SalesKit’s Inside the Sales Playbook podcast.

“If you have sales reps who have intrinsic belief, they’ll be more apt to get to the ‘no’ quick, and then say, ‘But follow along on our newsletter, maybe there will be something you want from us later,’” he said.

The selling doesn’t stop when a deal falls through. Newsletters, social media, podcast interviews, and more all present new opportunities to engage with prospects who may have previously said no to buying from you. Encourage them to follow along with your brand and become part of your community.

With a team that truly believes in your brand and mission, playing the long game in sales comes more naturally. At York IE, our drumbeat marketing philosophy enables us to continually deliver valuable content to an ever-growing community, and it’s a crucial part of our sales process.

To learn more about our approach to sales, including how to generate more leads and manage your pipeline, watch the full podcast below:

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