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Inside York IE’s Acquisition of Jameson Strategies

Today marks an exciting new chapter as we announce York IE’s acquisition of my firm, Jameson Strategies. What lies ahead is an exciting adventure I am thrilled to embark on. In this moment, reflecting on what brought us together, I am so very grateful for the journey thus far and how that story propels us into the future.

Seb Silva and I started Jameson Strategies as a little side hustle to bring the lessons learned from enterprise-grade RevOps expertise to growing businesses that didn’t have access to it. We started with what we thought at the time was a grand goal to become the de facto Salesforce firm in Canada’s National Capital Region (NCR). We quickly learned two things:

  1. That was easier said than done.
  2. We weren’t thinking big enough.

In the early days, we tried a few different kinds of offerings that likely didn’t make too much sense to our first clients. But after more and more engagements, we finally landed on the RevOps as a Service model that really clicked. From there we enjoyed tremendous growth and had the wonderful opportunity to work with businesses not only in the NCR, but also in Montreal and San Francisco.

We differentiated our RevOps as a Service by focusing on long-term partnerships, as opposed to transactional work, and by expanding our offering to support the full breadth of RevOps. Our brand of RevOps was about the unification of people, process, technology and data to drive business growth. We believe that supporting companies early on with expertise leads to stronger foundations and more responsible and sustainable businesses.

One client of ours happened to be working with York IE, and after introductions we had the classic Spider-Man moment. (You know, the meme where all the Spider-Mans point at each other because they are the same.)

Though we offered different services, it was incredibly obvious that the York IE team shared our ideals of being people oriented, focused on responsible business growth and, most refreshingly, fun. Over the following months we would collaborate and further develop a deep rapport.

It became clear that, to continue to grow and deliver on our objective of providing enterprise-grade RevOps expertise, we wouldn’t be able to juggle full-time jobs and Jameson Strategies at the same time.

While discussing our next moves, fate had another thing in store: York IE approached us with the opportunity to join their family and accelerate our growth plans. York IE provides the platform to amplify and expand on our RevOps mission while we add the connective tissue that is RevOps to York IE’s advisory services offerings. Ultimately it presented an opportunity to mutually take a major step forward.

This next step means that we will be able to help countless more businesses succeed by leveling up their data strategies, optimizing their tech stacks, aligning their go-to-market (GTM) processes across teams and becoming more buyer-centric with enhancements in product-led growth and client-first sales design. York IE completes the full picture with robust marketing and communications, product development and strategy, GTM and financial expertise to take startups and enterprises alike into their next phase of growth.

We are ecstatic to be part of York IE and are extremely thankful to the leadership team for presenting such a thrilling opportunity. What comes next is sure to turn heads, and I can’t wait for you all to see!

Sales Team Structure Template

Set your sales org up for success with the templates and frameworks in our free GTM strategy playbook.

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Sales Team Structure Template

Set your sales org up for success with the templates and frameworks in our free GTM strategy playbook.

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