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Introducing the York IE Summer Internship Class of 2021

York IE is a fast-moving and ambitious company, and that means we have real, important work for our interns to do. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce the fast-moving and ambitious college students who make up our 2021 class of summer interns.

Alex Clark

Bentley University

At school I am studying finance and accounting, but with the investments team at York IE I continue to gain expertise on SaaS, how it relates to different markets and the early-stage investing process.

alex clarkThere certainly isn’t a manual for startup investing, but there is a process, and there are steps. Chief among them is learning, and the investments team always promotes the value of researching new fields and refreshing current understandings. This is where I will spend the bulk of my time this summer: ensuring our team is up to date and informed while looking at prospective investments.

Outside of York IE I enjoy all things outdoors. Hiking, fishing, hunting, boating or anything of the sort is when I am happiest, and I plan on spending plenty of time on (and in) Lake Sunapee, as I have done for my entire life.

Jack Hamlin

Northeastern University

I am currently pursuing my MBA at Northeastern University with concentrations in business analytics and corporate innovation and venturing. I’m excited to join York IE as a part of a six-month corporate residency. Through my past educational and work experiences, I have become passionate about growing brands in businesses with innovative go-to-market strategies and energized by the intersection of creative, strategic and analytical problem-solving.

jack hamlinI am a member of the advisory services team, working on expanding and developing our modules to support the next generation of entrepreneurs. What excites me the most about my position at York IE is having the opportunity to work with businesses in different stages of growth and help tackle challenges at each step of the business life-cycle timeline. I look forward to reinforcing our collective mission of becoming a strategic partner to our clients.

I am so excited to join a team of such talented and driven individuals and incredibly thankful for this opportunity. Outside of York IE, I am a huge Boston sports fan and avid skier and enjoy spending time on Cape Cod with friends and family.

Caroline Hoffer

Providence College

Having had a rewarding internship experience with York IE last summer, I am beyond excited to be back with the team again. As a rising senior at Providence College, my passion for marketing and content creation has only grown through various courses and projects I have completed. I have been able to utilize what I have learned in the classroom and apply it to my work at York IE.

caroline hofferThe opportunity to work alongside the advisory services team has provided me with an incredible experience at York IE, as I expand my knowledge of content strategy and all things related to startups and B2B companies. Within my first few weeks back, it’s already evident that this summer will be completely different than my previous year due to York IE’s ever-growing portfolio and team. There is always something new to learn and look forward to. I am excited to have the opportunity to improve my marketing skills and knowledge as well as grow professionally as a member of the York IE team!

Outside of my internship, I plan on enjoying some fun beach days this summer with family and friends. I’m also excited to cheer on the World Series-bound Boston Red Sox and hopefully catch a few games at Fenway!

Ben Warren

Louisiana State University

I’m a junior studying public relations, and what I’m most excited about at York IE this summer is to work on the content creation side of things, writing blog posts and press releases. I like to think of myself as a pretty good writer, so stay on the lookout! ben warrenAlthough I haven’t been at York IE for long, I have already learned a massive amount about being a PR professional, and I’ve loved every second of my time here.

Outside of York IE, I’m looking forward to a summer full of playing and watching golf. I’m down to an 8 handicap and have been playing the best golf of my life, so I don’t plan on wasting any of the summer weather. Besides golf, I’m excited to get back to Baton Rouge and get my junior year underway as life crawls back to normal.

Cole Wheeler

Wake Forest University

I’m a software engineering intern here at York IE. This summer I’m excited to learn what it takes to create and develop a competitive intelligence platform like Fuel that is really useful to gain a lot of information for businesses to help them thrive.

cole wheelerAfter being involved with the platform for only a few weeks, I can already see how Fuel is incredibly beneficial for all businesses. The team at York IE has developed a great roadmap for the platform to integrate instrumental components, and it’ll be great to see its progress. I’m just ready to take the knowledge I’ve gained from school and apply it to a professional setting rather than a school lab. The experience and hands-on learning I will gain from working here at York IE is invaluable.

Outside of work I’m looking forward to staying active and getting outside, whether it be playing some organized basketball, hiking or just going on the boat for the day.

To learn about future York IE internship opportunities, email us!

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