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Market Pulse DevOps: Moving to Mobile-First

In today’s Market Pulse, powered by our Fuel Platform, we take a look at the emergence of mobile web traffic and explain why, now more than ever, having a mobile-optimized website has become a requirement. Years ago, having a desktop-only website was excusable for most users; now, as more than 50% of searches on the internet are conducted via a mobile device, having a desktop-only website becomes a death sentence for most companies. By failing to offer a mobile-optimized web design, companies are losing out on valuable web traffic; for companies relying on organic discovery, offering a site that is compatible with mobile devices is imperative for growth.

Watchlist company, LambdaTest, recently published an article describing the benefits of taking a mobile-first approach towards web design. They concluded that by first optimizing your site for mobile users, scaling becomes much easier down the road and user experience becomes seamless across devices. Click the link below to read more of what LambdaTest has to say about mobile-first web design. 

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