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Sanity Raises $9.3M in Series A Round

Sanity, a San Francisco startup building a platform for structured content, recently announced the completion of their $9.3M Series A round led by Threshold Ventures, among others. The young startup has already picked up more than 25,000 customers since 2017; this latest funding round will allow them to expand their team and continue to serve their growing customer list.

Why this transaction?

The York IE team chose this as our transaction of the week to discuss the efforts being taken by many startups to augment enterprise workflows with their developer-centric solutions. Sanity’s content platform stands out among competition because of it’s open ended ability to serve customers with un-static content, across multiple industries. While other companies have directed their focus on just e-commerce platforms Sanity has expanded their market to include any company looking to move on from their monolithic CMS. Aside from their scalable content platform, Sanity brings to the table an impressive list of board members and investors including former Twitter CEO Ev Williams. We believe Sanity has positioned itself well to bring their solution to markets looking for more control over their fluctuating content. 

A Growing Trend 

Like Sanity, Contentful recently closed their round and announced an $80M Series E led by Sapphire Ventures. Contentful is another example of a company that has recognized this shift in consumer expectations and has created a solution to allow even the most traditional businesses to interact with customers through their digital experience.

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