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I started my professional career as an executive assistant (EA). Armed with a business and marketing degree, I was eager to learn what an EA position entailed and was pleasantly surprised how fitting it was for me.

Early on in my new role, someone told me I should start to think of other career options, not to attach myself to someone. They said I should try and get into a department with more stability and growth.

I’m glad to say, after 10 years of working for the same person, I did not take that advice.

I won’t get too deep into why I personally feel my decision was best. But there are not many jobs where you have the opportunity to meet so many influential people, have a front row seat to huge company milestones, build a solid relationship with the head of the company, plan monumental events and truly enjoy your job because each day is different.

I think back on that neglected advice often and wonder how different my life would be if I’d followed it instead. The opportunities I’ve been provided because of my decision have been life changing, in the best way.

Being an EA was never about “attaching” myself to someone. It was about learning from the best, growing with the team and redefining the future. Also, there is something to be said about career loyalists.

I’m glad I listened to my gut and took the risk to stay the course in my chosen career. That is advice you should always take: Listen to your gut.

Kyle York has told me numerous times: Listen to others who offer advice, but never forget that you are the CEO of your career. Take parts of advice offered as it fits for you, and don’t feel bad not accepting all advice. Only you know what is best for you.

This is the same when running a business. Many will offer their advice, solicited or not, and you have to choose what you wish to utilize. There is a reason you are leading your company. You can’t do it alone, but you have to stay true to yourself and your company.

Sometimes accepting advice limits you from learning and growing. It doesn’t provide you the opportunity to figure things out on your own, mistakes and all.

As I reflect back on the past two years at York IE, we have accomplished more than we envisioned in this short time. If I took that early advice, I might not be here to witness it.

In the end, know what advice to follow and when to trust yourself!

Sales Team Structure Template

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Sales Team Structure Template

Set your sales org up for success with the templates and frameworks in our free GTM strategy playbook.

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