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The Next Stage for York IE: Startup Services

Our vision is a big one and with every day, every move, every blog post, every announcement, every hire, every sprint, every investment… we continue to execute on our path to realize it: to reshape the way startups are built, scaled and monetized. The best part about our vision is that it’s not actually about us at all – it’s for the entire startup ecosystem!

With that, we’re thrilled to announce the next stage for York IE: our new startup services offering.

We’re grinding, building a new startup helping startups in some surreal times. Trying to do our part to create opportunity for others and impact the world. I hope that someday every person regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, background or status can be on equal ground to chase and accomplish their dreams, to taste their version of success.

I am hopeful for a more equal humanity. I am hopeful for justice for all. I am hopeful for our health crisis to subside. I am hopeful for those who lost loved ones to grieve naturally. I am hopeful for the unemployed to bounce back. I am hopeful we open up our hearts and minds and see change. I am hopeful for an end to racism, gender discrimination… any mistreatment of any kind of others.

I believe in the global economy and that innovation is born in the darkest and toughest of times. There is no greater time to be purpose driven, mission driven, vision and long game obsessed, passionate about what you do day in and day out. All in. An entrepreneur, change agent, an activist, a philanthropist, a volunteer, a teacher, in your domain.

York IE’s services

For startups looking for advisory help on growth, there is a new, flexible, better partner for you on your scaling journey that is purpose built for you. We are:

  • Integrated and focused on strategic growth
  • Collaborative with operators (extension of team)
  • Accessible and affordable, not a pay to play
  • Results driven; shared accountability to outcomes
  • Executed with speed, velocity, urgency, responsiveness
  • Ongoing and consultative
  • Brimming with passion and a shared vision
  • All powered by a market data and analytics platform

Setting the stage

From a team that has lived in your operator shoes our whole careers, in sub-scale startups to Fortune 100’s, here is the truth. Every single initiative or process you may implement for a large enterprise from branding to product to sales needs to be short circuited, accelerated and fast tracked in a startup. Speed, urgency and accountability to outcomes are the priority – not simply producing and measuring activity. It is a big difference we’ve experienced in our careers between large or established companies vs. fast growth businesses. Sooner is definitely better than perfect, but it also can’t mean that quality or work product suffer. It’s a balancing act that few understand.

This is especially true of service providers and consultants for these types of businesses. In a fast-growth startup, you need help with everything, you need extensions of your teams, gaps filled, complementary parts provided by service providers. You need true partnership and alignment. You don’t simply need advice with absurdly large price tags. You need scaled-down, affordable, authentic, incentive aligned, value-add involvement from your support network. You need it always on, not absentee.

The game needs to change

When we set out to build York IE, we wanted to be a disruptor. To be a disruptor, you need to define your market. The challenge for us is that we chose several markets. To be disrupted, you need to be successful and lucrative, yet that also exposes your flaws to the companies starting from scratch. From venture capital, to investment banks, to private equity, we thought we could launch a new and innovative model more aligned with entrepreneurs. We’ve done that with the York IE investment business: fundless, evergreen, syndicate-based, no management fee, value-add, GTM/growth focused.

Today, I believe we’re doing the same for startups in some additional markets by launching our startup services and advisory practice formally and introducing York IE Fuel, our market data and analytics platform, to the world (albeit through us).

Why York IE?

We’ve been in your shoes before and we’re in them today, as we’re growing our own startup. We don’t pretend to have all the answers but we’re leaning on years of experience in finance, GTM, strategy, product, messaging and marketing. We’ve never wanted to just be the guys and gals attending a board meeting once a quarter. We want skin in the game and this is another way York IE can give more to our portfolio companies.

We realize that every company, every founding team, and every market is unique and different. There is no one-size-fits all template. Each startup has its own problems and needs. And we know that because we listen. We’re not here to force our will and values on you, but to fill in the gaps where you need it. Given this, York IE has developed flexible engagement models around three advisory areas that can be most impactful for organizations looking to scale:

  • Market & Product Strategy: York IE is built upon a foundation of market research,  consisting both of our own proprietary market research platform as well as our collection of market analysts. We act as an extension of your own operating team and are here to help you with your understanding of the market and your own product strategy.
  • Business Growth Strategy: Whether it is hardening your brand vision, helping you with your pricing and packaging strategy, or making an introduction for a major sale, we are here to help your business grow. We work closely with your leadership team to review your business strategies and our advice and guidance has given you the confidence to continue to win new customers, hire talented employees and impact your market.
  • Marketing & Communications Services: Our team provides the strategy and execution that will help you build your brand. We work with you to develop the messaging hierarchy, and strategy to amplify that message across your owned and earned channels. We turn that strategy into an actionable plan that aligns with business and marketing goals, increases your brand visibility, reaches your audiences and most importantly, generates profitable growth.

We’re here to change the way this has always been done and, with your help, we will. We build a perfectly integrated strategy for your business and each stage that it wants to grow. We want to keep growing and scaling with you. We’re all about you and will take great pride in your success and always focused on moving forward together!

Learn more about our startup services today!

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