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U.S.-Based Strategic Growth Firm York IE Expands in Ahmedabad, Bolstering Gujarat’s Business Ecosystem

(AHMEDABAD, Jan. 16) — York IE, a strategic growth and investment firm based in Manchester, New Hampshire, United States, today announced its expansion in Ahmedabad. This move marks a significant milestone in Gujarat’s journey towards becoming a leading hub for technology and innovation.

The new Ahmedabad office stands as York IE’s global capability centre for its Product Strategy and Development services, housing skilled workers who play a pivotal role in bringing successful products and websites to life for growing Software as a Service (SaaS) companies.

Over the next five years, York IE plans to transform its Ahmedabad office into a global acceleration centre for various business units — including product development, marketing, financial operations and revenue operations — with 500 employees. The firm is also set to collaborate with Gujarat’s top engineering colleges, ensuring a steady flow of highly skilled professionals into the technology sector.

“This ambitious plan positions York IE as a premier destination for top-tier product managers and engineers,” said Kalrav Parsana, head of York IE India. “A key element of our strategy is tapping into the rich talent pool fostered by Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar’s esteemed educational institutions.

“It is our hope that York IE will become a beacon of Gujarat’s burgeoning potential. It marks a significant step in the state’s journey to becoming a key player in the global business ecosystem.”

York IE’s growth in Ahmedabad comes at a time when the city is increasingly being recognized as an attractive destination for global companies. Following initiatives such as GIFT City and various corporate incentives, Ahmedabad is rapidly evolving from a centre for back-office operations to a strategic centre of international expansion plans.

Since opening in 2021, York IE India has grown from 15 employees, initially sourced from local IT company ACW Technologies, to 105.

Through York IE’s Product Strategy and Development offering, companies can work with world-class strategists, developers and designers to create roadmaps and build products that drive business growth. The firm’s development services include application development, software engineering, backlog management, quality assurance, testing, user experience design and platform modernization.

York IE also provides product strategy services, including help with product positioning, roadmap developing, launch planning and pricing and packaging, plus website development services.

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York IE’s additional advisory services offerings include Corporate Strategy and Go-to-Market. Since its founding in 2019, the firm has also made 59 investments in 45 early-stage B2B SaaS companies.


Colin Steele
Director of Marketing


York IE® is a vertically integrated strategic growth and investment firm for technology companies. The company supports ambitious entrepreneurs, operators and investors on their quest to build startups, innovate at scale and disrupt markets. York IE leverages its proprietary data and automation technology and deep operational expertise to provide advisory as a service and to selectively invest in early-stage B2B SaaS. Fuel® Your Strategic Growth at York IE.

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Sales Team Structure Template

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