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Why Startup Portfolio Tracking is So Important

As your startup portfolio grows and the logo page on your website gets larger, it can be harder to follow your companies and know what they’re up to. But that doesn’t mean you get a pass on portfolio tracking.

There is constant value in being up-to-date on what the startups you invest in are doing and saying. You’ll understand their products and services better. You’ll understand the keywords they use. You’ll understand how their teams operate.

Startup portfolio tracking also allows you to see the progress your companies have made.  Since you’ll know their progress, you can help amplify it — something every company appreciates! Celebrating their successes and giving them deserved attention goes a long way in strengthening relationships between you and your portfolio companies.

In the end, all of this information will help you better add value to them throughout your engagement.

Tracking Your Portfolio’s Markets and Competitors  

In addition to tracking your startup portfolio, there is also value in keeping up with their competitors and markets. Companies and markets change fast, and your portfolio needs an extra set of eyes to keep up with the latest trends, announcements, and hot topics driving thought leadership.

By sharing industry and competitor intelligence, you’re showing your companies that you’re a part of their team and that you have a pulse on what’s going on in their world. This makes you more credible and valuable, and it increases your level of trust in each other.

Keeping up with your companies, their competitors, and their markets, however, is not an easy feat. Options for portfolio tracking have been far from spectacular. Google Alerts are not reliable (especially for modern tech companies that have some interesting names). Twitter Lists only tell part of the story. And manual tracking is time-intensive and sporadic.

A Better Way to Track Your Portfolio

At York IE, we’ve created an easier and more comprehensive way to track the progress of your companies. Our SaaS platform for market research, Fuel, is the answer to all your startup portfolio tracking woes.

With Fuel’s collaborative and growth-oriented user experience, you’ll be able to monitor your portfolio companies like never before. You can easily build watchlists that include your entire portfolio, individual companies and their competitors, markets you’re involved in, and prospective startups you’re monitoring. These watchlists give you real-time insights into companies’ strength of voice, general news, and funding and acquisition opportunities.

Fuel also has a growing repertoire of amplification features so you can provide actionable value to your companies by sharing their news and content in interesting and engaging ways.

With Fuel in your toolbox, you will be able to make startup portfolio tracking an integral part of your daily workflow, so you can continue strengthening your relationships with your companies.

Learn more about using Fuel to manage your startup portfolio.

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