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York IE and Morningside Group Partner to Disrupt Startup Investing

Early-stage investment syndicate provides active capital to empower entrepreneurs 

(Manchester, N.H., May 3) — York IE™, a vertically integrated strategic growth and investment firm, today announced that Morningside Group has become a special investment partner in its early-stage syndicate, which is disrupting traditional venture capital.

The current VC model celebrates the wrong metrics, and entrepreneurs end up in a hamster wheel of funding cycles that limit their optionality. York IE’s focus is on creating aligned incentives with entrepreneurs. This means taking a different approach to investing.

York IE does not charge a management fee to investors in its early-stage syndicate, which is currently at more than $15 million per year on a rolling five-year commitment and continues to grow. This lack of management fees is disrupting the traditional general partner/limited partner relationship and is appreciated by York IE’s investors, which include high-net-worth individuals and family offices. This dynamic enables York IE to work with entrepreneurs and provide them with active capital at the earliest stage so they are building their company, their way.

“We are thrilled to have Morningside join our evergreen investment syndicate,” said Kyle York, CEO, York IE. “While the additional capital is certainly helpful, I am personally excited to be aligning with the Morningside team. We share a vision on how early-stage capital should be deployed and how to build a meaningful company. They have been successfully putting smart money to work since I was 4 years old, so we’re honored that they trust in and support what we’re doing at York IE.”

Morningside was founded in 1986 by the Chan family to make venture capital and private equity investments. Like York IE, Morningside prioritizes playing the long game, acting ethically and building relationships with the people behind the startups. Over the years, Morningside has invested in companies across multiple industries including biotech, digital health and FinTech and in companies such as Stavvy. York IE currently works closely with the Stavvy leadership team as the company rapidly scales. That connection, as well as the similarities in company philosophies, led to the strategic partnership.

“The York IE team cares about the companies they work with,” said Dan White of Morningside. “Not just their bottom line and returning a profit, but about building good companies, careers and true impact. That approach and the belief that they can actually add value and share in the success of their portfolio companies is something we want to support.”

York IE, which engages with thousands of startups each month and also runs a top startup-focused blog, has invested in more than 30 companies since launching in late 2019. Those companies include Metadata, Cyberhaven, VETRO, WEVO and more. Additionally, the company provides strategic growth help through a SaaS platform and hands-on advisory services to more than 50 companies, including LinkSquares, Shoobx and IPInfo.

To learn more about York IE, visit To learn more about Morningside, visit


York IE™ is a vertically integrated strategic growth and investment firm helping reshape the way companies are built, scaled and monetized. Through Fuel™, its SaaS platform, hands-on advisory services and selective early stage B2B SaaS investments, York IE supports ambitious entrepreneurs, operators and investors on their quest to scale startups and disrupt markets. To learn more, visit


Morningside Group was founded in 1986, by the Chan family of Hong Kong, to make private equity and venture capital investments. The group is managed by investment professionals who are entrepreneurial, have deep industry knowledge, and are effective in the local environment in which they operate. In addition to its investment activities, Morningside Group is strongly committed to social responsibility. To learn more, visit

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Sales Team Structure Template

Set your sales org up for success with the templates and frameworks in our free GTM strategy playbook.

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