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York IE Hires New Account Manager: Kate Forte

Let me start off by saying that it has taken me the entire length of my professional career to actually articulate what I want to do, who I want to work with, and what I hope to achieve. Trying to explain this prior to learning of York IE sounded like a made-up fantasy land that 100% made my family concerned for my well-being.

With the majority of my experience working for small, privately-owned organizations, I quickly learned what the saying “wear many hats” truly meant. I became a chameleon, self-educating and migrating into roles the organization needed rather than what I was hired to do. My professional career path provided me with an arsenal of knowledge and a versatile skill set, but what seemed to always be missing was the ability to give back or do good. My dream has always been to find an organization with a purpose that I am passionate about, a role that challenges me to grow, and the ability to feel as though I did something good and beneficial at the end of each day. Then, from stage left … enters York IE.

York IE’s mission to support and transparently advise startups, while continuously educating those beyond their market, closely align with what inspires and motivates me each day. Strategic planning, knowledge sharing, and the support of those in need are all areas of great passion to me.

Working alongside such influential and knowledgeable individuals, I find myself learning something new with every conversation had. The York IE culture challenges you to think outside of the box and take on new, unfamiliar tasks without hesitation. A team composed of confident, motivated, accountable, and empathetic individuals shows the potential for greatness. I am so excited to be a part of showing the world that York IE is just getting started!

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