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York IE Hires New Advisory Services Manager: Aleeza Goodman

When you think marketing and New Hampshire, historically there have not been many opportunities. I couldn’t be happier to see York IE disrupting the status quo for startups and offering advisory services to help them grow, based right here in my home state.

I’m a New Hampshire girl, born and raised, and there was never a question of what I wanted my professional focus to be. If my obsession with Shark Tank didn’t clue me in, my love of every marketing class and eventual degree in marketing should have told me that I’d end up at a startup, working with other startups.

However, the last five years of my marketing career have been spent working either in Downtown Boston or remotely as part of corporate America in the insurance industry — not exactly the Shark Tank dream I had hoped for. This meant my first days either consisted of plugging in my laptop at home or putting on my blazer to go to work, getting a tour of a large corporate office, and being shown to my cubicle for a day of paperwork and meetings with human resources.

My first day at York IE was nothing of the sort.

To start, I got to wear jeans. Already, a huge win. Then I saw the office had every gadget you could imagine a startup having: bean bag chairs, a basketball hoop, cold brew on tap and golf clubs and balls littered about.

What I did not expect was that my first day would kick off with a company-wide meeting to go over last quarter’s results: the wins, the opportunities for improvement, the plan for future growth, all of it. I got a full look into the history, evolution and what was to come at York IE on my very first day.

Walking into a new job can be scary. Walking into a new industry can be terrifying. But receiving the most transparency I’d ever had at any job, let alone one I’d been at for mere hours, only reaffirmed that I had found a company I would be proud to represent.

Transparency is something I am proud to bring front and center when working with clients. To be extended the ultimate level of transparency on my very first day showed me that at the very core, I aligned with the values at York IE.

Although my most recent work brought me to Downtown Boston, my marketing career actually began right here in Manchester, N.H. as an account manager at a direct mail, print and signage company. During that time I discovered my passion for working with a variety of clients from a wide spectrum of industries. The deadline-sensitive, fast-paced environment kick-started my need for efficiency and an acute attention to detail in all aspects of my work, and my focus on creative problem solving.

I’m excited to live out my Shark Tank dream and use those skills to help York IE disrupt the trajectory of the startup landscape, all while bringing marketing and growth opportunities to the Granite State.

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Sales Team Structure Template

Set your sales org up for success with the templates and frameworks in our free GTM strategy playbook.

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