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York IE Hires New Data Engineer: Elisa Chen

I’m excited to join the York IE team as a data engineer to improve the volume and quality of our data on private companies and markets.

My goal is to consolidate our data so that it is as comprehensive, accurate, and useful to our users as possible. I love problem-solving and working with data, so I look forward to leveraging my previous experience and fresh insights as a recent graduate. In addition, by working with cloud-based big data processing programs such as Amazon Web Services and Apache Spark, I will be able to broaden my data mining skill set.

York IE is an investment firm that’s all about reshaping the way startups are built, scaled, and monetized. The company is built to help other companies succeed using data and our accessible team of startup advisors. Specifically, I’m eager to work on Fuel, our market and competitive intelligence platform that will help our broader team make better investment decisions and support our advisory clients.

I love working at a company where I can learn in-depth from my mentors while also having the freedom to innovate. One of my previous internships was at a small startup named Brands Express, and it was my favorite internship, so I’m glad York IE is a similar environment with an inclusive culture, work-life balance, and kind, hardworking employees.

Thank you to everyone who has made my first week here a joy: Joe, Nick, Kalrav, Alice, and Mike Veilleux! I look forward to having fun and learning more from this diverse group of experts.

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