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York IE Hires New Digital Marketing Manager: Jill McIntire

As an eager college graduate, there was no doubt in my mind about what industry I wanted to begin my professional career in. Growing up throughout the rise of social media sparked my initial interest in marketing.

During my college courses, I became fascinated by the ways media and content affect consumers’ thoughts and behaviors. I couldn’t wait to get started and see first-hand the impact different marketing tactics could have on a brand.

I learned quickly that a career in marketing has many different paths. I’m so grateful that my journey has now landed me as a website and digital marketing manager at York IE!

My first job in the corporate world was at a direct marketing services company, where I learned the ins and outs of direct mail, print and client services. I later transitioned into a role at a digital marketing agency, gaining valuable experience in overseeing media campaigns, branding, websites and creative initiatives.

The dynamic pace of agency life helped hone my versatility and attention to detail. I learned to always ask myself: How can this campaign be improved, and what can we learn from the results?

Although my day-to-day responsibilities and focuses at each company were quite different, I reflect on so many similarities in the foundational marketing strategies. Both experiences enriched my understanding of marketing, strategy and business, forming a solid foundation that I’m excited to carry into my current role.

My first few days of joining the team at York IE have been so much more than I could have expected. As I walked into the office and met some of my team in person for the first time, we joked that our octave levels had increased by 10 because we were all so excited. I immediately felt such a sense of welcoming and was thrilled that this was the team I’d be working alongside.

As I continue to soak in all of the information shared throughout the first few weeks of starting a new job, I’m continuously impressed by the people and the mission driving York IE. Being surrounded by others who are passionate about their work provides such an encouraging environment.

I’m thrilled for the opportunity to contribute to such a successful team and be a trusted resource for my clients!

Sales Team Structure Template

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Sales Team Structure Template

Set your sales org up for success with the templates and frameworks in our free GTM strategy playbook.

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