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York IE Hires New Intern, Lora Zhou

My name is Lora Zhou and I am an undergraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University studying Computer Science. I spend most of my time scouring my code for that one missing semicolon lost on line 374, but when I have the time, I like to choreograph contemporary dances and hike up small mountains.

As a student, I take many classes that professors claim to be useful in the real world, but I have little opportunity to apply my knowledge in a “real-world scenario”. As a result, I was eager to find an internship opportunity at a company doing meaningful things. Despite not being a traditional “tech company”, York IE attracted me as a company because of how dedicated they were on bringing cutting-edge technology to advance their industry in startup growth and investment.

I connected with Mike Veilleux and he introduced me to the current product, the Fuel Platform, that the team was trying to expand on. I was immediately interested as it offered me a chance to apply my knowledge, gain more experience, and learn more about software development in companies.

My role will involve expanding and building the behind-the-scenes framework for automated data collection in Fuel. The end goal is to make a product that is easily scalable and expandable as the product and the company grow. I am eager to learn and am excited to be working with the team and contribute to solving the problems the team will be facing.

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