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York IE Hires New Product Manager: Dave Brenner

After 15 years of being a registered nurse, specifically a visiting nurse, my mother took a leap of faith. She bought a 12-bedroom house in New London, N.H. and turned it into an assisted living facility, spending countless hours perfecting the house and cared for those who moved in.

As every startup founder does, my mother wore many hats. She was the cook, the nurse, the housekeeper. The harder she worked, the more successful she and the house became. What was once a simple idea that certainly was ahead of the curve turned into a 44-bedroom facility with two independent living cottages, an Alzheimer’s unit and hospice services.

While things have changed over the years, I’ve never forgotten where it all started. Although I was never deeply involved in the day-to-day like my sister, I always wanted to find some way to channel the journey and the lessons I learned from my mother into my own career. It took some time, but when I saw what York IE was doing from afar, it reignited that passion.

I remember the long nights that my mother worked. I remember when we used to stay in that house because she couldn’t go home.

While I wasn’t in a position to help then, I now can help so many others who are on the same journey my mother was once on. To offer strategic growth help through our Fuel platform and our advisory services team means that there is someone or something to lean on when no one else is there. We at York IE are truly an extension of your idea and vision, whether that’s from day 1 or day 1,000. That to me is inspiring, and I couldn’t be more excited to get started.

At York IE my role is to drive Fuel in the direction you need it to go. To perfect the data and services you need to be as successful as you can be. If we’re successful at that, then we’ll expect the company Christmas card in the mail next year.

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