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York IE Hires New Senior Accounting Analyst: Cassidy Huckins

Recently I joined the York IE team as their senior accounting analyst. In this role, I will be responsible for accounting operations, analysis and reporting. I will also serve as a practice specialist for the Financial Operations and Capital Strategy advisory services, working to support service delivery and customer engagement with our startups.

What interests me the most, and what pushed me to join the York IE team, is the opportunity for growth. My role isn’t your typical private accounting job. Yes, I will be internally entering invoices, creating financial reports and making sure our QuickBooks is in line with our budget, but I have also been given the opportunity to connect externally with clients. This is where my role in the Financial Operations and Capital Strategy services will come into play. I will be working with CFO Janelle Gorman, directly and assisting her with clients. We will be offering our knowledge in financial operations and giving them the best advice we can to get them to reach their goals.

My prior job came from public accounting, where I was constantly connecting with clients and offering both audit and tax services. I am excited to continue this connection with clients at York IE to push them in the right direction.

Working directly with Janelle has been incredible so far. She has explained to me the many opportunities available to me at York IE that will enhance my career. Janelle has been a great mentor so far and I am thrilled to be working with her!

York IE has already impressed me with how well they treat their employees and offer a flexible work/life balance. This is just the beginning for me at York IE, and I am looking forward to a great future ahead!

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