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York IE Launches Startup Services Practice & Hires New VP

Startup services offering leverages firm’s proprietary market data and analytics platform

(Manchester, NH, June 4, 2020) —  York IE, a hybrid strategic advisory, investment, and operational growth firm, announced today the launch of its startup services practice with three different services and advisory modules to meet the varied needs of startups, regardless of where they are in their lifecycle. The firm is also announcing the hiring of long-time PR executive Katelyn Campbell as Vice President to lead the services practice and help B2B startups create sustainable, profitable growth.

“The current services that help startups grow are either too expensive, inaccessible, laggard or out-of-touch with what startups need — speed, urgency and accountability to outcomes. We are committed to providing a true partnership and sharing what we’ve learned over our years as operators,” said Kyle York, CEO and co-founder, York IE. “We are building a vertically integrated next-generation company to help reshape how startups are built, scaled and monetized. Our services offering plays an important role in us achieving that vision.”

Services Practice

York IE services are centered around the company’s vision that a one-size-fits-all engagement model doesn’t work because each startup has unique problems and needs. Given this, York IE has developed flexible engagement models around three advisory areas that can be most impactful for organizations looking to scale:

  • Market & Product Strategy
  • Business Growth Strategy 
  • Marketing & Communications Services

Since launching in September, York IE has already signed agreements and deepened its involvement with several portfolio companies, including uConnect, Datanomix, Thundra, Forcivity, WEVO and Blustream. The success of the services model with its portfolio companies is what inspired the York IE team to open its offering to all startups. 

“Our background is not in SaaS, so we leaned on York IE’s expertise to remodel our product structure, reposition our messaging and ensure we had a financial model that drove continued success for our company,” said Ken Rapp, CEO, Blustream Corporation. “York IE was able to look at our business in an entirely new light. I am confident that we are now in position to bring tremendous value to our customers and be disruptive in our market.” 

“We immediately felt the impact of having York IE on our team. They have quickly started driving more content and are adding a strong social and communications strategy to our current program,” said Janet Muto, Co-Founder and President, WEVO. “They understand the market landscape and how we can insert our Point-Of-View (POV) through both owned and earned channels, so that our brand awareness increases and that POV is associated with WEVO in the market.”

Leveraging Its Own Proprietary Technology Platform

Regardless of the engagement type, all companies benefit from taking a market-in approach so they can better understand the broader market and competitive landscape to identify authentic differentiators and brand opportunity. This is why all of York IE’s service modules are built on the foundation of the York IE market data and analytics platform, Fuel. Starting with the most accurate and connected data, machine learning and analytics, and productizing York IE’s own workflows, the platform helps support the ever-growing needs of the firm’s investments and services clients.

Today, Fuel consumes data from hundreds of sources, validates and summarizes for the York IE team. It serves as a base to quickly ingest and act upon for market analysis and competitive intelligence. 

York IE Hires New Vice President 

Lastly, the company hired Katelyn Campbell as Vice President. Katelyn oversees the daily operation of the startup services practice. She is responsible for providing ongoing strategy and program insights with clients. She also engages with portfolio investment companies, advising them on messaging, content, communications, corporate storytelling, social media, and marketing.

Prior to joining York IE, Katelyn spent a decade at PAN Communications, overseeing the planning and execution of integrated strategic PR programs to raise brand visibility for B2B technology clients. She has deep expertise spanning the enterprise technology industry including DevOps, open source, enterprise software, app dev and cybersecurity. Throughout her career, she has guided startups, emerging-growth and established companies, supporting such brands as CloudBees, OutSystems, Dyn, RSA, Mimecast and Rapid7, among others. Her programs have been finalists in the SABRE awards and winners of several Bell Ringers from the Publicity Club of New England. 

To find more details on York IE services, please visit: 


York IE is a hybrid strategic advisory, investment, and operational growth firm focused on scaling innovative, creative and impactful companies via several unique engagements and vehicles. We invest capital, expertise, and passion, build products and create content to support ambitious entrepreneurs and angel investors on their quest to scale startups and disrupt markets. To learn more, visit York.IE.


Katelyn Campbell

Vice President

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